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OIT, LLC is a service-first organization that specializes in telecommunications and distributed networking. Having started as a Managed Service Provider working with many clients from industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, retail and many more, we understand the unique needs of businesses and the IT firms that serve them. OITVOIP has strong channel and white label programs to ensure our partner’s success and promote effective Unified Communications strategies. Offering best-in-class features, phenomenal responsiveness and a team that stands ready to help you succeed. Whether you’re a business in need of VoIP or an IT provider looking for the right telecom partner, OIT is here for you!


Started in 1993 as Aerion Studios we began offering web application design and consulting services to businesses. As most of the world was still figuring out how to best use the internet we were challenged with not only creating intelligent designs, but also staying abreast of the ever-changing technologies. Still, we were able to leverage bleeding edge tools in order to bring enterprise resources to small and medium-sized businesses.

As business needs changed so did our focus. Building upon our experiences we began consulting on larger projects often spanning multiple states, countries or even continents. In the early 2000’s we began working with local telecommunications firms to bridge their enterprise resources with the real world needs of the SMBs. We played a key factor in creating practical applications of these solutions.

In 2005 we began working with businesses in a more consistent fashion. While the industry did not have a name for this yet, we were effectively acting as an Managed Service Provider.  We solved the challenges SMBs faced every day with pragmatism and foresight. It was a core belief that solving today’s challenges was only part of the solution. Planning for tomorrow was equally important.

In 2011 we formed Orsini IT, LLC – Technology Consultants to more clearly define the value we brought to SMBs. A key component of our offering was vendor management. Despite our decades of experience and relationships, we were constantly faced with certain vendors who could not meet the standards we had consistently delivered for our clients. In 2013 we made the decision to take more direct control in areas where we had the resources and experience to provide excellence for our clients.

In 2013 OITVOIP was created to meet those goals in the areas of Unified Communications and Digital Faxing. These changes were incredibly well-received by our clients. Before long it became apparent that other MSPs had the same needs and challenges we faced earlier. We created our partner programs to meet those exact needs.

Today we have thousands of people enjoying our reliability, features, service and cost savings worldwide. In fact, we have shared such great success with our partners that we decided in 2018 to focus completely on our hosted platforms and partner programs. We have rebranded as OIT, LLC to show our absolute dedication to our partners all over the globe.

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About Us staff photo