Channel Conflict Policy

The goal of OIT is to always promote and support our partners. If you are a Channel Partner, the best way to avoid conflict is to register your prospects using the Quote Request Forms. As a White Label Partner, we do scrub emails in our platforms against our marketing platforms and remove them automatically. However, there still might be incidents where a conflict arises. In these cases, please provide your account manager with the following:

  • Copies of any emails you have exchanged with the prospect or client
  • Copies of any proposals you have sent to the prospect or client

If the partner is a Channel Partner and has engaged with the client to sell OIT services, we will generally treat the client as a channel client, crediting the Channel Partner.

If the partner is a White Label Partner and can show proof of prior engagement, we will void any existing contracts and move the client to direct billing by the White Label Partner. This does require the consent of the client. If the client does not consent but meets the channel conflict guidelines, we will compensate the White Label Partner as if they were the Channel Partner of record. This includes new customer bonuses and recurring commissions.

If you have any questions regarding this policy or its application, please contact your account manager and they will be happy to address them.