upcoming events


5/18 @ 1:00 pm ET | Partner First: How To Have Difficult Conversations Before They Become Impossible Part 2.


5/18 – 5/19 In Person |7FigureMSP Live Event: Dallas, TX


6/2 @ 1:00 pm ET | Partner First Webinar with OSR Manage



6/6 – 6/8 In Person |

IT Nation Secure: Orlando, FL



The Tech Bar Podcast 1/13

All Things Are Better At The Tech Bar w/ Eric Anthony, Wes Spencer, Connor Swalm and Josh Simmons


Partner First 2/2 @ 1:00 pm ET

Security Training That Doesn’t Suck featuring Phin Security


Technical Deficit Ep 6 11/2/21

CyberDrain Improved Partner Portal with Kelvin Tegelaar


Jurassic SOC 7/29/21

A Cybersecurity Adventure



Rogue WAN 5/4/21

A Data Breach Story


The Tech Bar One-Shots 8/12/21

Eating the WORLD’S HOTTEST Chocolate bar featuring Tom Lawrence