OITVOIP Starts 2020 by Partnering with TrainOurTroops at ITEXPO

February 12th, 2020. Fort Lauderdale, FL.:


OITVOIP (an OIT brand), a partner-first VoIP provider, announced that it is continuing its ongoing partnership with a leading Veteran job training organization for 2020 with its sponsorship of a TrainOurTroops booth at ITEXPO. The conference will be held at the Broward County Convention Center in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. February 11-14, 2020 and is recognized as one of the largest events in the IT industry. TrainOurTroops (ToT) is a not-for-profit organization that uses an online training model to help Veterans and their spouses transition quickly into rewarding positions in the civilian workforce, improve skill sets needed to advance in their current careers, and establish and grow Veteran-owned startup business ventures.

Ray Orsini, CEO of OIT stated, “ITEXPO is a fantastic chance for TrainOurTroops and OITVOIP to interface with a very significant market sector, as well as to increase awareness about the availability of Veterans who are receiving cutting edge, job-specific training programs designed by TrainOurTroops and its corporate sponsors. We began our involvement with ToT in hired our now VP of Partner Development and 9 year Army Verteran, Sean Lardo. Through that process and working with ToT we decided that OITVOIP wanted to become involved beyond just staffing, we wanted to make a larger impact. OITVOIP stands out in the industry because we ensure partner success–most OITVOIP resellers make a sale within the first month which is far beyond the industry norm of up to a year. We view ToT as the ideal partner to help offer a similarly accelerated path to success for Veterans and their families.”

Mr. Orsini identified that, too often, Veterans and their families are stalled in low-paying jobs that underutilize their potential. Even worse, Vets find themselves unemployed for extended periods with out-of-date skill sets. He added “ITEXPO represents the future of IT and the dynamic nature of the communications and technology sector. It is a sector that offers exciting career opportunities. ToT is there to help Veterans quickly develop the skills to succeed in fast growing sectors such as ours.”

Asked about the program and their partnership with OITVOIP, Glen Brynteson, ToT Founder / President, explained that “OITVOIP has been a great partner and we are really appreciative of their commitment to help with our efforts in supporting Veterans. Veterans and dependents can select from any number of online courses or follow paths we have created so they can become certified for a careers that offer a long-term future. Technology firms like OITVOIP are exactly the types of companies that help provide education, networking, skills to get Veterans on the glidepath to career success.”

A 501(c)3 Veteran non-profit organization,
Visit www.trainourtroops.org to learn more.



A trusted solution provider for over twenty years, OITVOIP, a brand of OIT, specializes in complex networking and unified communications solutions. OIT is a certified minority and women-owned business, and was founded to meet the need for best-in-class telephony services to small and medium-sized businesses. This Florida-based provider offers its Hosted VoIP and Unified Communications services directly to clients as well as through an extensive channel partner network and white label services. OITVOIP has strong channel and white label programs to ensure the partner’s success and promote effective Unified Communications strategies. A registered CLEC with four data centers in the US, OITVOIP serves clients throughout North America. Learn more about OIT and OITVOIP at http://oit.co.

Ray Orsini

Ray Orsini

CEO & Founder

ITEXPO is a fantastic chance for TrainOurTroops and OITVOIP to interface with a very significant market sector, as well as to increase awareness about the availability of Veterans

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