The OITVOIP Family is excited to announce we are beginning to partner with vendors outside of the voice ecosystem to bring more value to your OIT partnership. The first company to join our extended family is Phin Security ( They are a phishing simulation and security awareness training company designed from the ground up for the channel. They are extremely receptive to feedback and our CEO Ray Orsini is personally helping them craft their product.

As an introductory offer, we are offering:

  • First 30 days free.

  • No minimum commitment.

  • Billing will be included in your OIT bill.

  • Introductory pricing of $1.45/user will be locked in for the life of your account, including future purchases.

 MSRP is $2.00/user

Partner pricing will start at $1.75/user with no commitment for anyone that signs up after 2/15.

For orders and signups email [email protected]